bldg. 102F, Novii Svet settlement, Gatchina district, Leningrad Region

Facing Panels and Picket Fence


WPC-based DOS facing panels are a unique product created by specialists of Nevskii Composite, with no equals in the construction materials market.

Facing panels can be used for facing houses, cottages, townhouses, holiday homes, gazebos, etc.

Our panels come with several features:

These finishing materials are rot- and corrosion-resistant and also waterproof; therefore, they are very durable.

DOS facing panels do not require any further special care, since the WPC base of the panel is additionally covered with high-quality weatherproof coating made by LG, which has a service life of more than 25 years with no need for additional care and treatment. This significantly reduces the cost of subsequent maintenance of the building.

Texture and colour of the coating of DOS facing panels can be chosen individually for each project. The LG films catalog can be found here →.